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by DrewEmborsky
on 10/08/15 10:03 am
Categories: Travel Tags: Paris Vacation

the apartment we rented in Paris, France
Recently my spouse and I took a vacation of a lifetime to Paris, France. And while we were there I learned a few things:

In Paris they put cheese on everything and I'm totally ok with that. One morning I ordered a ham and cheese croissant expecting some sort of french variation of a grilled cheese. What I was served with the best croissant I had ever tasted with ham in the middle and the entire thing was

by DrewEmborsky
on 05/29/15 12:05 am
Categories: Contemplations
Houston TX - May 2015

This is the ten-year anniversary of launching my blog "The Crochet Dude«" and I've been spending a lot of time wondering how I could celebrate it. Have a sale! Do a big giveaway! Release a new book!

So I've decided to retire.

My products, yarn, and patterns are still on the market but I've retired from creating anything new as The Crochet Dude. My final public appearance will

by DrewEmborsky
on 04/10/15 11:37 am
Categories: Contemplations Tamaya
I've spent this past week in bed doing what most men do when they have the slightest case of anything: suffering. And as I lay there contemplating how much time I may or may not have left on planet Earth I learned a few things. And in honor of my bestie Laurie (aka Crazy Aunt Purl), I made a list:

What I've Learned in Bed This Week by Drew Emborsky, aka wimpysickdude

1. Dogs

by DrewEmborsky
on 04/06/15 05:05 pm
Categories: Art Tags: Zentangle
Whodathunk that last June when I cracked open a book on Zentangle and decided to give it a shot, that it wouldn't be long before some of my own drawings were featured in another book!!! I'm so excited to announce that SIX of my "tangles" have been featured in the latest bestseller by the incomparable Beckah Krahula!!

by DrewEmborsky
on 02/05/15 09:38 am
Categories: Workshops Tags: craftsy Crochet awards

I was so thrilled to hear that I was awarded runner up in the Craftsy Blogger Awards for the crochet category!! Woohoo!!

Last year right about this time I was getting ready to head to the Craftsy headquarters to shoot a class on crochet texture. Here is what the final project looks like:

I had such a great time in Denver creating this class, and the feedback (over 5,000 students have enrolled) has been fantastic! Be sure to take

by DrewEmborsky
on 02/02/15 02:11 pm
Categories: Art Yarn Tags: Crochet 5 Day Art Challenge
For the final day of the 5 Day Art Challenge I want to share with you some of my favorite designs of my fiber career. These are in no particular order and really represent only a fraction of what I've been up to over the last few years. Please to enjoy:

by DrewEmborsky
on 01/30/15 10:20 am
Categories: Art Tags: 5 Day Art Challenge photography
When I was a pre-teen my brother was in the army stationed in Germany. One time on leave he brought home a Nikon camera and left it with me and I became officially obsessed. It was a film camera, and in our small town it took forever to get the pictures back, but I was obsessed.

I supposed I could have taken some time to find some of those old pics to show you but I didn't, so here are some newer ones.

by DrewEmborsky
on 01/28/15 02:16 pm
When I first started blogging as The Crochet Dude(r) which then led to a design career (etc) I was throwing a LOT of things at the wall to see what would stick. I didn't know what would resinate with the fiber community so I developed my career with my ear to the ground, so to speak, in order to make small course corrections along the way. One of the first things I offered up on my website way back when was custom crocheted tapestries. I sold a few, and made a few for gifts, but the lion

by DrewEmborsky
on 01/27/15 10:07 am
Categories: Art Tags: 5 Day Art Challenge Zentangle
Last year I was about to go on a road trip to visit family in New Mexico and kinda wanted a break from fiber projects for 10 days or so. So I dug out a book that had been sitting under a pile of yarn on my desk that I had wanted to explore when I had the chance. 10 days with family seemed like a good chance!!

Tamaya likes a good road trip.
The book is called

by DrewEmborsky
on 01/26/15 02:15 pm
My friend Michele tagged me with the 5 Day Art Challenge - and it's quite simple, just post some of one's artwork each day for five days. So here we go with Day 1....

My first true love is painting, and have done so many paintings over the years that I have forgotten how many! Topping that was the time I went into my sister's office and saw an amazing watercolor of Canadian geese - then upon inspection discovered that I was the one that had painted it. I was

by DrewEmborsky
on 01/07/15 09:40 am
Categories: Contemplations Tags: organization studio
I'm such a voyeur when comes to other people's houses and lifestyles. I LOVE to watch shows where they are house hunting so I can see kitchens in Pittsburgh, or Costa Rica, or London. I know that all of these home have been prepared for showing on television, but even with that knowledge I think my favorite part is seeing how neat, tidy, and organized it all is.

My world? Not so much.

I'm running a multi-faceted business from what

by DrewEmborsky
on 01/02/15 10:28 am
Hey new year, I have high hopes for you!!! Meet me at camera 3.

No pressure or anything but I would like a conscious uncoupling with 2014 and I'm expecting 2015 to be fresh, happy, rewarding, and adventurous.

I have had enough of the personal growthiness that seemed to ice the 365-day-cake of last year, thank you very much.


Resolutions? Yes I made some this year. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't, but this year I

by DrewEmborsky
on 12/01/14 09:30 am
Categories: Yarn
Yep, it's the day when everyone gets their online shopping done while at work so no one knows what they've ordered. It's a brilliant development in the holiday shopping season over the last couple of years. I'm not sure how the bosses feel about it - but judging by the amount of money that is expected to be spent today (in the billions) I'm going to think that the bosses are shopping too.

My holiday sale continues and as you look around the site you'll see

by DrewEmborsky
on 11/26/14 09:56 am
Categories: Yarn
So here I am getting ready for Thanksgiving 2014. I really really want to say that it will be "no big deal" or "it's just a regular meal" or "it's not really tomorrow, I have loads of time to prepare".

But I don't like to lie, even to myself. It's a flaw I know.

Anywho, so tomorrow is the big day and I just realized that I don't have a pan big enough for the turkey that I bought. I'm assuming it'll fit

by DrewEmborsky
on 11/19/14 03:56 pm
Categories: Tamaya Yarn
Like the majority of the USA and Canada we have been having such. cold. weather. Like freeze your niblets off kind of weather! I'll admit that cold for Houston is probably spring time for Duluth, but for us 38 degrees is extreme. Luckily there is yarn, and hooks, and animals to keep me warm as this polar vortex passes through.
Sneak Peek I'm working on a crocheted version of the Princess

by DrewEmborsky
on 11/14/14 10:05 am

When I debuted Kristin Omdahl's amazing shawl design that she called Princess Hibiscus in my yarns I had NO idea the crazy response it would get! So many people have downloaded it and I'm starting to see the finished projects popping up on the Internet! Actually I'm not too surprised because Kristin is an amazing designer and consistently creates knit and crochet designs that rock the fiber

by DrewEmborsky
on 11/08/14 08:06 am
Categories: Contemplations
Back in January I declared to myself and the world that this year I would do things the "right way" - as in the way that I felt they should be done. Its' shockingly easy to get caught up in the way others feel you should be, do, act, etc.

And you know what? They want you to be, do, act, that way simply to make THEM happy.

I've rarely met anyone throughout my life that has been truly selfless in their advice or offer of assistance. There

by DrewEmborsky
on 01/16/14 09:40 am
Categories: Markets Yarn
There is a huge event coming up this weekend in Manhattan, It's VK Live y'all!!! If you've never been it's unlike any other fiber-related event out there! The market is outstanding, the classes are stellar, and the banquets and keynote speakers are totally A-list.

And speaking of A-list, the incomparable knit and crochet designer Kristin Omdahl is headed to NYC right now!

She will be having, for the very first time ever, her very own

by DrewEmborsky
on 01/15/14 09:43 am
Categories: Contemplations
As 2013 progressed last year I just kept having this nagging feeling that I wasn't doing things the right way. It was too much of a struggle, much more than usual, sort of like I put my canoe in the water and was paddling as hard as I could to go upstream. Sure I was making what looked like some progress but the amount of effort relative to how far I was moving was out of whack!

I'm declaring that 2014 will be the year that I do things the right way.

by DrewEmborsky
on 01/14/14 07:35 pm
Categories: Family

Tonight I ate Chinese food, like I have done every January 14 for the last 15 years. And to explain why here is a vintage post of mine from The Crochet Dude blog:

Eleven years ago today I was in Michigan staying at the home of one of my sisters-in-law. I had worked the night shift in Dallas, TX the day before so was a bit jet-lagged from the trip, time change, and shift change. My brother Don who lives in Nevada, picked me up late that afternoon and we headed to a

by DrewEmborsky
on 12/18/13 03:42 pm
Today is the last day I'm in my studio for the year. You know, ho ho ho and all that good stuff. Hope that you have a wonderful end of the year and seriously, can we get to 2014 already?! I've had just about enough of 2013!!!

by DrewEmborsky
on 11/17/13 11:19 am
Categories: Giving
The weekend of STITCHES East in Hartford was one of many many emotions. There were of course all the fun times seeing other teachers and vendors that make the STITCHES circuit. There was the joy of seeing new people discover my yarns and watching them go through all the┬ Decades┬ and┬ birthstone colors!

And there was the ugly cry.

by DrewEmborsky
on 11/01/13 09:47 am
Categories: Markets Yarn Workshops
Being an introvert, one of the joys of working out of a studio that's in my home is that there is a lot of quiet time. A LOT. Sometimes I go to the grocery store just to interact with the 3-D people. Bless their hearts, they usually have a deer in the headlights look when I'm finally finished yammering at them about fascinating topics such as cheese! and kitty litter!

Note: going to the grocery store actually has a 100% success rate of making me feel good about myself.

by DrewEmborsky
on 10/20/13 10:23 am
Categories: Tamaya Cleocatra
In case you don't follow me on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram I would like to introduce you to the latest addition to my family:

Her name is Tamaya and she is a white labrador. I brought her home at 5.5 weeks old (so young, so many sharp

by DrewEmborsky
on 05/29/13 10:00 am
Categories: Gardening
A little staycation this past Memorial Day weekend resulted in a LOT of yard work. Tis the season and all that. After Hurricane Ike destroyed the fence in my backyard (among lots of other things he knocked over, like trees) I had it replaced with a taller more private fence, but more importantly I finally have a gate into the backyard. Now I can take out the trash without opening the garage door! Hooray!

The area just inside the gate has been a muddy mess for a while now, and

by DrewEmborsky
on 05/23/13 04:11 pm
Categories: Cleocatra Chandler
I'm excited to be back in the saddle blogging again! As you can see I've started up over here on my new website and I hope that you will come visit me here.

I'm working closely with the website developers to get all seven years of my original blog transferred over here, and in the meantime it's a fresh start.


Because I haven't blogged in so long there may be a flurry of book reviews, product reviews, announcements, etc,