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Category: Tamaya

by DrewEmborsky
on 04/10/15 11:37 am
Categories: Contemplations Tamaya
I've spent this past week in bed doing what most men do when they have the slightest case of anything: suffering. And as I lay there contemplating how much time I may or may not have left on planet Earth I learned a few things. And in honor of my bestie Laurie (aka Crazy Aunt Purl), I made a list:

What I've Learned in Bed This Week by Drew Emborsky, aka wimpysickdude

1. Dogs

by DrewEmborsky
on 01/02/15 10:28 am
Hey new year, I have high hopes for you!!! Meet me at camera 3.

No pressure or anything but I would like a conscious uncoupling with 2014 and I'm expecting 2015 to be fresh, happy, rewarding, and adventurous.

I have had enough of the personal growthiness that seemed to ice the 365-day-cake of last year, thank you very much.


Resolutions? Yes I made some this year. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't, but this year I

by DrewEmborsky
on 11/19/14 03:56 pm
Categories: Tamaya Yarn
Like the majority of the USA and Canada we have been having such. cold. weather. Like freeze your niblets off kind of weather! I'll admit that cold for Houston is probably spring time for Duluth, but for us 38 degrees is extreme. Luckily there is yarn, and hooks, and animals to keep me warm as this polar vortex passes through.
Sneak Peek I'm working on a crocheted version of the Princess

by DrewEmborsky
on 10/20/13 10:23 am
Categories: Tamaya Cleocatra
In case you don't follow me on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram I would like to introduce you to the latest addition to my family:

Her name is Tamaya and she is a white labrador. I brought her home at 5.5 weeks old (so young, so many sharp