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Category: Contemplations

by DrewEmborsky
on 11/08/14 08:06 am
Categories: Contemplations
Back in January I declared to myself and the world that this year I would do things the "right way" - as in the way that I felt they should be done. Its' shockingly easy to get caught up in the way others feel you should be, do, act, etc.

And you know what? They want you to be, do, act, that way simply to make THEM happy.

I've rarely met anyone throughout my life that has been truly selfless in their advice or offer of assistance. There

by DrewEmborsky
on 01/15/14 09:43 am
Categories: Contemplations
As 2013 progressed last year I just kept having this nagging feeling that I wasn't doing things the right way. It was too much of a struggle, much more than usual, sort of like I put my canoe in the water and was paddling as hard as I could to go upstream. Sure I was making what looked like some progress but the amount of effort relative to how far I was moving was out of whack!

I'm declaring that 2014 will be the year that I do things the right way.