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Category: Yarn

by DrewEmborsky
on 11/19/14 03:56 pm
Categories: Tamaya Yarn
Like the majority of the USA and Canada we have been having such. cold. weather. Like freeze your niblets off kind of weather! I'll admit that cold for Houston is probably spring time for Duluth, but for us 38 degrees is extreme. Luckily there is yarn, and hooks, and animals to keep me warm as this polar vortex passes through.
Sneak Peek I'm working on a crocheted version of the Princess

by DrewEmborsky
on 11/14/14 10:05 am

When I debuted Kristin Omdahl's amazing shawl design that she called Princess Hibiscus in my yarns I had NO idea the crazy response it would get! So many people have downloaded it and I'm starting to see the finished projects popping up on the Internet! Actually I'm not too surprised because Kristin is an amazing designer and consistently creates knit and crochet designs that rock the fiber

by DrewEmborsky
on 01/16/14 09:40 am
Categories: Markets Yarn
There is a huge event coming up this weekend in Manhattan, It's VK Live y'all!!! If you've never been it's unlike any other fiber-related event out there! The market is outstanding, the classes are stellar, and the banquets and keynote speakers are totally A-list.

And speaking of A-list, the incomparable knit and crochet designer Kristin Omdahl is headed to NYC right now!

She will be having, for the very first time ever, her very own

by DrewEmborsky
on 11/01/13 09:47 am
Categories: Markets Yarn Workshops
Being an introvert, one of the joys of working out of a studio that's in my home is that there is a lot of quiet time. A LOT. Sometimes I go to the grocery store just to interact with the 3-D people. Bless their hearts, they usually have a deer in the headlights look when I'm finally finished yammering at them about fascinating topics such as cheese! and kitty litter!

Note: going to the grocery store actually has a 100% success rate of making me feel good about myself.