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New gate entry
by DrewEmborsky
on 05/29/13 10:00 am
by emborsky on 05/29/13 10:10 am
Categories: Gardening

A little staycation this past Memorial Day weekend resulted in a LOT of yard work. Tis the season and all that. After Hurricane Ike destroyed the fence in my backyard (among lots of other things he knocked over, like trees) I had it replaced with a taller more private fence, but more importantly I finally have a gate into the backyard. Now I can take out the trash without opening the garage door! Hooray!

The area just inside the gate has been a muddy mess for a while now, and when I discovered some slate tiles discarded in the backyard by the previous owners of the house, I thought I'd put them to good use and create a nice entry area. Here is what I ended up doing, it took about an hour:

Step one: I cleared the area and defined it with edgers left over from a retaining wall I had built. With a metal rake I did my best to clear out any weeds or plants that were growing in the area, then leveled it without being too fussy.


Step two: I spread a layer of play sand over the entire area. This was my opportunity to fill any small divets and get the area as level as possible. I tamped it down well so that it became a very solid foundation.

Step three: Spread about an inch of decomposed granite over entire area. Decomposed granite is great because it not only looks great and allowes drainage, but also does a fantastic job at blocking weeds from growing. And it comes in lots of nice colors too. It's hard to see, but the granite I choose has flecks of gold in it and sparkles when the sun hits it.

Step four: I had a finite number of these old slate tiles that I found out back, so I had to create not only a pleasing pattern, but also one that would function as a walkway. After laying them out I took a few minutes to wiggle each one while forcefully pushing down to try and embed it into the granite as much as possible.

Step five: Finally I spread more granite to fiill in between the tiles and get it all up to the level of the surrounding area.


And there you have it! A nice little entry way that won't get muddy!

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November 23, 2013, 8:44 am
The yard looks awesome. Ike made a mess for a lot of us. So glad to hear that you and yours are recovering well. Many in Galveston are still in the process of having homes rebuilt. Personally moved into an apt that did not flood. That was priority at the time. Now all my yarn and I are happily working on projects. Would love for you to create a book of all the different stitches and variations you use in your projects. Has such a project been done or maybe on your to do list.