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When I was developing this little tool I had three things in mind. The end had to be bent just so, the tip had to be kinda sharp, and the material had to be smooth and slippery. The result? Weaving in ends with my bent end yarn needles is just like buttah. I did a blind test and had several of my friends compare them to their "favorite" bent end yarn needles from other brands, and they all chose mine without hesitation. And then wouldn't give them back. Changing lives, it's what I do.
We have been having way too much fun with the bloom loom. Our house is filled with yarn blooms of all sizes and colors. My girls have been attaching clips and wearing them in their hair. My son made one he turned into a grappling hook for catching all his toys! No limit to what you can make with the Bloom Loom!! Love it. Marie
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You know you want the whole set, admit it. Tell you what, if you order this complete set you'll only be paying for 11 of the hooks and I'll throw one in for free! C'mon, you deserve to crochet in comfort. Sizes include B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, N
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Get all the yarn, pattern, & bloom loom to make this shawl! Uses all 13 colors of Gemstones by Drew Emborsky!
The ultimate in comfort, these ergo hooks are just the right thickness to make crocheting easier on your hands. Many fellow crocheters report being to crochet for much longer periods of time without fatigue! The handle isn't plastic, and it isn't too squishy, it's just the right combination of firmess and comfort.
Learn to crochet with this beginner's kit!
This versatile bagg is exactly what you need to organize your crafts! The design originated on Nantucket for fisherman's tools, and now it's been adapted for crafters!
clear plastic purse handles by The Crochet Dude have a modern round shape and are perfect for knit, crochet and sewn fabric purses; great covered or on their own. 2pcs. 5.75" diameter.
I developed purse handles that are great for crafting. They are clear so that only the yarn color shows. And they are smooth, so that there are no unsightly bumps in the final project! Handle measures 6.5"wide x 5.25" tall.
Sizes L, P, Q (8mm, 10mm, 15.75mm) features tapered throats & round tips.
These snips will change your life. One micro-serrated blade keeps them sharper longer. Thin blades provide a crisp and clean cut through any yarn.
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