Let's Get Started
Let's Start Crocheting!

Let's Start Crocheting! This kit includes everything you need to learn to crochet! Hook sizes G, H, & I, 12 stitch markers, a row counter, 2 plastic bent end yarn needes, yarn cutter, measuring tape, and a beginner project book.

Illustrations in book are clear and for both right and left handed crafters! This makes a great gift!

REGULAR PRICE $27.00 Pump up the volume and put on your swatch watch, this is totally awesome worsted weight superwash wool, fer sure. Hand-dyed, worsted weight, 250 yds per hank.
REGULAR PRICE $3.99 Easy to make, quick to assemble! Uses The Crochet Dude Bloom Loom. PDF download.
REGULAR PRICE $7.99 Comfortable to wear, easy on the eyes, and tempting enough to make anyone want to crochet, Back Seat Bingo is the little sumtin sumtin you've been craving. PDF download.
REGULAR PRICE $7.99 Tunic length, boatneck pullover with comfortable all over ribbing and easy lace edging. PDF download.
REGULAR PRICE $27.00 Re-discover your inner flower child in this worsted super wash wool. Hand-dyed, worsted weight, 250 yds per hank!