Ergonomic Crochet Hooks
Ergo Hooks:54

The ultimate in comfort, these ergo hooks are just the right thickness to make crocheting easier on your hands. Many fellow crocheters report being to crochet for much longer periods of time without fatigue! The handle isn't plastic, and it isn't too squishy, it's just the right combination of firmess and comfort.

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Thank you for creating such great crochet hooks! I gave two recently to my 83 year old Mom who hasn't been able to crochet in a very long time due to arthritis (couldn't hold the hooks). She called me this past Sunday so excited that she could crochet again! I have to say she was as giddy as a school girl. Thank you, you made my Mom's day! - Tina

I had to come on and say I ADORE The Crochet Dude ergo hook I got! I had tried other ergo hooks and could never use them because they were flat/boxy and about the same thickness as a regular hook. I have larger hands so the thick coating has helped me tons! My no longer cramping hand and I thank you! - Lara

I didn't think the Ergo handled hooks would work for a pencil hold until I tried yours. They work AMAZINGLY well for a pencil hold too!! - Joshua


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