Bloom Loom
Bloom Loom Kit

This is a great way to use up scrap yarn! Make cute blooms that measure approximately 3.5" across. Pin them to your hat, sew them to your bag, or join them together to make a great afghan! You're only limited by your imagination!!

Kit includes one loom, one yarn needled, and full instructions to make a large bloom, a small bloom, and a two-sided bloom!

We have been having way too much fun with the bloom loom. Our house is filled with yarn blooms of all sizes and colors. My girls have been attaching clips and wearing them in their hair. My son made one he turned into a grappling hook for catching all his toys! No limit to what you can make with the Bloom Loom!! Love it.


REGULAR PRICE $27.00 Pump up the volume and put on your swatch watch, this is totally awesome worsted weight superwash wool, fer sure. Hand-dyed, worsted weight, 250 yds per hank.
REGULAR PRICE $3.99 Easy to make, quick to assemble! Uses The Crochet Dude Bloom Loom. PDF download.
REGULAR PRICE $7.99 Tunic length, boatneck pullover with comfortable all over ribbing and easy lace edging. PDF download.
REGULAR PRICE $27.00 Re-discover your inner flower child in this worsted super wash wool. Hand-dyed, worsted weight, 250 yds per hank!
REGULAR PRICE $27.00!!! The nifty fifties look great in this super wash wool! Hand-dyed, worsted weight, 250 yds per hank!