About The Artist

The body of the pen starts as a piece of wood, acrylic, and polyester resin. It is then drilled and a brass tube is inserted to support the press fitting that holds the mechanicals of the pen. In many cases the material you see is just a few hundredths of an inch think. The material is then turned down on a lathe, sanded, and polished. The pens are then fitted with a "kit" of the hardware and internal parts.

"I live in Ludington, Michigan, and I'm really old. I work in the building trade and I've always had a drive to build stuff. I've been making custom pens since '08. I also do leather work, wood work and I am willing to try anything that ends in an one-of-a-kind crafted item. My goal is to make something that people love to use and that lasts." - Tim Hutchison

How They're Made

"I try to use acrylic and polyester resins made by fellow artists. I like the 'limited editions' of each batch they produce." - Tim

Tim and I met while we were working at a grocery store in high school. We quickly became besties and later formed a garage band named "Move Over". Some of the happiest memories of those years were made with him. Fast forward to now, I am so thrilled that Tim is custom making each of my signature writing pens to offer you!!

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