The other day I started a five-part series on some life realizations that I’ve had recently. If you want to start at the beginning click here: Day 1 (click)

Complying with the laws of the land, both legal and moral, lines me up with the laws of Universe.

When I was in high school I was accused of driving like a grandpa because I didn’t like to speed or test the limits of the law. That is pretty much how I’ve lived in most areas of my life, and I’ll tell you why now.

But why is this so important one may ask. The universe is based on precise mathematical laws. As we move about in this human experience we are continuously moving in and out of harmony with those laws. And we know when this happens because when we are in harmony with the universe we prosper, feel good, have good health, etc; on the other end when we are out of harmony we struggle, feed bad, get sick, etc. 

Now for most of us it’s not an all or nothing. We aren’t completely in or out of harmony with the laws of the universe at any given time. We are so complex that we truly don’t even know what the heck is going on inside of us. But there is a feeling of peace that comes over us, relief even, when we find ourselves in harmony for the most part.

When I follow the rules that are around me – school rules, household rules, moral rules, laws in my community – I find myself in a state of harmony in school, the house, the community – and that mindset of harmony opens up my very being to be in harmony with the laws of the Universe, God, my higher being, whatever term one wants to use. 

To be honest, following the rules feels like freedom…

On the other hand it may be exciting to break the rules, push the boundaries of the law, etc, but that approach to life often results in lying, cheating, stealing, etc – and that is definitely not in harmony with the perfection of the infinite Universe. It’s like living in a perpetual state of stress trying to keep all the stories straight.

Following the rules doesn’t limit the enjoyment of this human experience. To be honest, following the rules feels like freedom because when I’m in harmony with my higher self I thrive, I am inspired, I am energized – all in a way that feels so much better than whatever I may have gained by cheating the system. 

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2 thoughts on “Hot Tub Inspiration (Day 3)”

  1. I’m really enjoying this series and Day 3 really resonated. As a rule-follower, I get criticized for not being willing to take risks, being boring, and being reluctant to “really experience life.” In my mind though, rules (regulations, laws, etc.) generally exist for the greater good and, if I choose to break a rule, I need to weigh the impact of my choice on others. If I choose to break rule/take a risk that impacts only me? Great. The reality though is that breaking rules, taking risks, whatever you want to label it, doesn’t just impact me, it impacts others. I 100% agree with what you wrote, especially that last paragraph. (And I know that not all rules and laws are good, and that everything needs to be periodically reviewed and adjustments made, but that’s a different issue).

    Ironically, the self-labeled rule-breakers, free-spirits, risk-takers that are in my life are the ones that cause the most problems and disharmony for everyone around them, not just themselves.

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