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Life is supposed to be fun

As I go about my day I am constantly given the option to either enjoy what I’m doing, or to grumble my way through it. It shouldn’t be a huge surprise to find out that when I am enjoying what I’m doing I feel like I’m having a good day. 

Herein lies the challenge that I face: I have been taught by society, Hollywood, family culture, etc that I can only enjoy that which is pleasant or enjoyable. For example I very easily enjoy playing with my dogs and cat; I easily enjoy eating a well-made pizza; I easily enjoy swimming in my backyard pool. But working at a job that I don’t necessarily like isn’t automatically enjoyable – in fact, it can be downright torture.

The challenge then is to enjoy what is not obviously enjoyable.

I know that I live in a harmonious universe where all things work together with mathematical perfection. If I want my heart and mind to line up and blend with that harmony then my task is to stay in the right state of mind to be a match to the universe. The closest term that I can use to remind myself of all this is to “have fun”. 

When I was fresh out of college I was broke, had a mountain of student loan debts, and found myself having to work two full-time jobs to make ends meet. In that moment I had two choices, be miserable and focus on being sleep deprived, mal-nourished, and hopeless – or I could find ways to have fun at each of the jobs. I chose fun.

The result? I made friends that have lasted my lifetime; I learned skills that I still use to this day; one of my jobs was as a waiter, and I made so much more in tips than the other waitstaff that they actually had someone shadow me to be sure that I wasn’t cheating somehow and what they found was that I was just really fun to be around.

During that period a series of events that seem completely unrelated because they were independently happening at both jobs led me to move to Guadalajara, Mexico where I lived for five years and had the time of my life, learned a second language fluently, and to this day has been the most influential period in my personal growth. If I hadn’t had both those jobs, and if I hadn’t stayed focused on having fun, I would have not been able to see that opportunity. 

Fun is infectious…

I’ve found that when I focus on enjoying myself, taking the time to find the silver lining, and just plain have fun – no matter the situation – others around me feel better and have a better experience too. When I was kid my mom would say that “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar” and wow, once again she was so right. You might find a few people to be miserable with, but you will find lots of people wanting to have fun with you.

Life is supposed to be fun – and it’s only when I find the fun in whatever I’m doing that I feel alive.

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