The other day I started a five-part series on some life realizations that I’ve had recently. If you want to start at the beginning click here: Day 1 (click)

I literally cannot make a mistake.

When I first started contemplating this concept it seem nearly impossible to understand. I grew up in a household that was very very black and white about everything. There literally was only one right way to do anything – and swift punishment was in store for anyone that dared deviate at all. 

How could my parents and my parents’ parents be so off track then? 

The missing pieces were the things that I’ve been talking about over this blog series. What was missing from their lives, but what I know now is that if I love everyone and everything, be myself, follow the rules, and have fun, that I literally cannot make a mistake. They were unable to see the big picture – and I know they did the best they could – but I spent my childhood just trying not to get punished instead trying to develop who I was becoming.

Outcomes may be different than I originally expected, and i may have to redo some things and make different choices, but those aren’t mistakes because i was having fun the entire time – learning and growing and loving.

Sometimes I think that the household rules growing up were entirely fear based. Afraid i would turn out “wrong”, or embarrass them in public, or heaven-forbid fall in love with the wrong person. I see now that fear and love cannot be in the same room. If you love everyone and everything, how can you possible fear the outcome? 

What has helped me as I’ve yearned to overcome the fear-based rules of life that I was taught growing up is to forgive myself as I’ve made my way. Even now, in my mind, many times I can hear my mom or a teacher or a “role model” telling me that I was doing it wrong – that I was being wrong. Now I am in the habit of forgiving myself when those thoughts pop up. I imagine that person in a little bubble in front of me and I mentally reach out and “pop” that bubble then immediately remind myself that I am pretty cool dude, doing a great job at life, and that that is enough. 

Now I know that I literally cannot make a mistake, and these amazing five realizations are now governing my life…..

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