You know how you wait and wait for the stars to align and for Mars to be in Uranus before actually doing something you want to do so that everything will be perfect? Then you know how you realize after a while that Mars is never going to be in Uranus when you want it to be and the stars seem to have a mind of their own and so it never works out to do said thing?

Yeah, that.

So my bff Laurie and I decided to just quit waiting for the stars to align and just get together. It would be so much easier if we were in the same city. Heck, I’d settle for the same time zone. But no matter which way we cut it one of is has to fly four hours if we ever want to see each other.

Today I’ve spent getting the house ready and packing my bags and tomorrow I’m on an early afternoon flight to Lalaland. I can’t decide if I should go full on redneck Texan for my arrival:

Or maybe I should clean up a little for going to the big city. Luckily the humidity there isn’t 1,000% right now and the nighttime lows are below 80 degrees so wearing long pants and a decent shirt shouldn’t be a problem.

If tradition has it getting off the plane we will go directly to In & Out for a burger like none other in the country.

Traditions are important.