My artwork now available on a huge variety of fun items! From fashion to home decor, I hope you’ll find something YOU like!  Click the link below and you’ll be taken to the RedBubble website who is fulfilling the orders for me!

Click here to see over 30 products that are available!

2 thoughts on “Heart of Hearts”

  1. Fantastic, Drew! I’m going to purchase several of your items, the first one of which will be a spiral notebook. However, I’ve checked with the website, extensively, and cannot find dimensions or number of pages included. Can you help? I plan to use your notebooks as Project Recorders/Organizers, so actually need to know if the notebook is going to be large enough (per page). Would also be wonderful for you to create a wool/yarn/crochet/knit sketch that could swing over to the items offered through this website. They would totally sell! (Get them endorsed by Vickie Howell, etc.) Anyway, thanks for your help with my question. Kindest regards, Rebecca Eveland

    1. Hi Rebecca!Thanks for the kudos and the ideas!! It took me FOREVER to find the “more info” about the products the first time. There is actually an info “tab” when you have a product selected. Here’s a screenshot that I hope illustrates what I’m referring to:

      product info tab on Red Bubble

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